Cholesterol is Not Bad, Have Normal Cholesterol Levels

Are you sick? Or do you think that you are unhealthy? If you are and you think that the main reason for your sickness is your cholesterol level, then think again, or better yet go visit a doctor and ask what is wrong with you. Sure too much cholesterol is bad for your health. However, it does not mean that you have to have no cholesterol inside your body. But before we continue talking about the cholesterol level in our bodies, let us clarify first what cholesterol really is. Basically, it is a waxy substance that comes not only from the food you are eating but from our own body, especially the liver. Those amounts of cholesterol you need are circulated through your blood. Actually, our body really needs cholesterol. So how come do people think that cholesterol is bad?

Like they said, anything that is too much is bad. There are actually two types of cholesterols in our body that we need to watch out for, these are the high density and low density cholesterol. The high density are the good ones while the low density are the bad ones. So you need to keep the high density cholesterol high and the low density cholesterol low for you to have normal cholesterol levels. Basically, the cholesterol that is causing the clog on your arteries is the low density cholesterol because the high density cholesterol cannot get rid of them anymore because they are too high to be overpowered.